Whether you welcome it or not, change will happen! You may as well be prepared for it and learn to embrace it in your life and your career. Change can be motivating and exhilarating; but it can also be frightening, freezing or unsettling.

Just as night does not instantly become day, change virtually never happens in one big step: it is an iterative and incremental process made of various stages, each flavored with a range of emotions, sometimes bringing great confusion. Especially in large organizations, transitions can unfold at unexpected paces and over unpredictable periods. Every successful leader has learned to recognize, manage, and even use transitions to strengthen the enterprise.

Embracing the process

Nature offers us seasons and epochs, periods of growth and change. By listening, observing and voicing your thoughts, doubts, desires and hopes, transitions can become rich and even enjoyable times in your life.As you navigate previously uncharted territory you may benefit from the company of a trusted guide, someone to challenge your preconceptions, someone with a pragmatic view who can help you analyze the situation more objectively. By cultivating stable and robust relationship with leaders navigating transition, I have been able to stimulate creative ideas and help refine solutions.Through listening and understanding, questioning and reflecting, I help senior leaders become more aware of their own constitution and therefore better able to lead themselves and their organizations through change.