Corporate advisory

Strategic reviews, organizational transformation, restructuring, succession planning, spin-offs and mergers and acquisitions are arenas where you may need an experienced, trustworthy and independent advisor.

These institutional events raise expectations and sharpen anxieties, internally and externally, that can be hard to deal with. Processes often take longer than anticipated, stakeholders grow impatient, and leaders become restless.

Taking a holistic view and setting corporate events in a broader context will help you move your company forward. A deep understanding of business processes as well as of group dynamics is essential for success. Mergers and restructuring cannot be done effectively without creating an early understanding of mutual needs and expectations.

I have substantial experience helping owners and boards plan and implement transactions, working at the organizational, team and individual levels.

An independent and neutral perspective and experience in many sectors, countries and cultural settings enable me to provide a balanced, objective approach to even the most complex organizational issues.

Whether acting quietly in the background or taking a more leading role, I always seek for tailored solutions, precise interventions, and the pursuit of distinctive opportunities.