Executive coaching


Coaching is a delicate process, one that requires careful listening, unbiased reflection and respectful advice.

No high performing athlete reaches the summit without a good coach. Leaders in all walks of business and society are turning to coaching to enhance the performance of individuals and teams. You will find, in the market, a wide variety of philosophies and methods around coaching. Yet at the end of the day, what makes a real difference in performance is trust between coach and client.

Building trust

My goal in coaching is to create a safe and utterly confidential environment in which an executive can better understand his or her behavioral patterns and see how they impact effectiveness. Coaching is especially valuable for the most senior executives in companies, and for leaders in family-owned enterprises that are going through transition or otherwise facing uncertainty.

Sharing authentic and independent views will help you gain clarity and articulate your personal goals. Coaching sessions offer you a special relationship built on openness, trust and commitment. You can take insights from this relationship into the wider and more varied world of daily business.

Whether I am working with teams or individuals, I align the coaching process to the particular situation of each leader, as well as to the specific cultural, organizational and business challenges of the larger organization.

If you want to embark on a journey with a highly trained and experienced coach, using a holistic approach, let’s meet for an initial reflective conversation.