Family business

Many of the world’s most successful organizations are owned by families. At some stage of its development, nearly every family business will confront challenging dilemmas. A decision that seems best for the business may cause serious issues within the family – or vice versa. Cultural legacy, which can be a pillar of strength at times, can become an obstacle to change at others.

Years of work with family businesses and their leadership teams enable me to anticipate and understand the needs of family members as they develop their businesses and their own professional lives. In many cases, change and development set an individual or a firm onto a course that is entirely different from the original roots.

Anticipating succession plans

Leadership transitions in family businesses are especially challenging, because they require effective interpersonal communication between parents and children, between siblings, and, more generally, the navigation of complex relationships.

It is of pivotal importance to carefully plan such transitions because they can not only have financial implications for a company and its owners, but also a deep and lasting reputational impact on individuals.

In addition to a solid knowledge of business leadership, I bring clients a clinical understanding of family dynamics and interpersonal relations. The introduction of even the most discreet outside advisor carries the risk of unsettling family relationships. I therefore approach family advisory work with the utmost professionalism, care and discretion, so that each client has a safe and trusted conversation partner.

Supporting you at each step

Experience in many sectors, countries and cultures helps me accurately adapt my approach to the specific challenges that business leaders in family organizations face, whether they are members of the family or leaders appointed from outside.

I have special experience in coaching leaders of family businesses as they take on new roles. Maintaining a neutral stand and a holistic perspective, I help leaders build trust, set expectations for their impact and adapt to specific working styles and habits during the crucial initial period in a new assignment at the top of a family business.